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Digital world and human life

Information become one of the most important elements in 21st century. Many of the experts through out the globe has mentioned this era called Information age. So, for next 200 years from now human’s will have enormous number of data on hand about all species and living things on earth from every geographical location. This will help humanity to take better decision and prospective action for sustainable movement in human destiny.

Scientists has discovered that life evolved by the help of air and micro organisms, and we as human’s currently ruling the world, incredibly powerful tool from the God. Each creature on planet has it’s own role for survival and depends on each other.  And the mysteries on earth still unknown.

Researchers has identified that there are Aliens visiting the world and now a days they start visiting  frequently than before by their spaceship. As a writer of this article, myself have seen the unknown object flying in the sky three times, and still curious who they are. We call it UFO. Mysteries on  earth are boundless and trillions of discoveries to be made on earth within probably few millennia.

Invention of information technology is a blessing for homo sapience which can accumulate data and find out best solution by analytics. The role of data is very important for human’s to thrive and move forward for new destiny.

Many rulers has rule the world in many directions throughout time-lapse, some strategies were positive and some were negative. Human’s has fought many historical battles, conquered and ruled over time. There were lack of information mislead human’s from thousand’s of  years, and yet many places on earth occupied by terrorist groups or human rights activists with no real ideology for negotiation. But, the problem cloud be solved with proper brainstorming, mutual respect, meditation and common global goal set.

Now a days , we belong to a single global society by the blessing of technology which enables us to reach from one to another within a second.  Majority of human lives equipped with devices or we call it human passport. Devices itself is identical and equipped with legal identity. By using device individuals can able to get financial support, food, communication, maintain global society and lead the world as part of teaching and maintaining by the faith of spirituality. Under this circumstances, data standardization should be considered for every nation as highest priority in this millennia to empower mankind and society.

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