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Big Data Service

Data become very important for businesses throughout the globe, hence securing your data sets become necessary. We are providing solutions for your data sets that are too large or complex to handle. Our intelligence data processing application software provides full support that small, medium and large organization or company willing to …

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Global Ranking and Branding

Information technology become one of the major tool to strength your business, thus strong presence of information technology integration plays vital role for global branding. By observing large set of research data and global digital eco-system, our company provides global branding facility for your business. We provide perfect solution to …

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Research Facilities

BD TiMz believes the power of research to change the future, provides careful and detailed study into a specific problem government, institutions, public and private companies willing to solve. We have unique set of data collection techniques and expert analyzing capability to solve problems in various industry matters. Write us below …

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Company IT Infrastructure

BD Timz provides technology support for your hardware, software, networks, data center facilities and related equipments to develop, operate, test, monitor and support your digital integrations. Most of our services are secured and followed by real problem solving mechanism in digital eco system. If you would like to take your …

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Sales Management

We are providing following services to enhance your sales: Sales Management software Call Center support 24/7 Online marketing to enhance your sales volume. Global trading support Social Media advance marketing Consultancy

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Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing service provides computer system resources and  storage facilities to power your organization in more effective ways to access important data. Many cloud computing advancements are closely related to virtualization and the ability to pay on demand and scale quickly being able to pool resources. Our system allows …

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Management ERP Solution

BD Timz provides Enterprise resources planning (ERP)  services for businesses to synchronize integrated areas of your organization or company such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources.  Our core services provides exclusive solution to run small, medium or large companies to take effective decision by our expert …

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Big Screen Software

BD Timz provides on demand software solution on big screen monitors such as 60 inch touch screen monitor devices usually use in international airports, shopping malls or entrance of a giant buildings to know exactly what is necessary for the users to know about. In most cases, we use big …

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) become very important to brand your business in digital era. BD Timz has unique set of expertise which will effectively accelerate your international branding according to our set of standard and approaches to get higher feasibility of your data. We provide optimization in search engines such …

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App Development

BD Timz provides app development services for your business in all platforms such as IOS, android and window’s. We provide development facility for desktop apps as well as mobile apps as dynamic or statistic architecture set. Our UI’s are responsive and multitasking based on client demand.

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Web Development

BD Timz provides website development solution in various platfrom that fits clients need . We develop e-commerce websites, domain and hosting services, sports website, company websites, business solution website, communication system such as chatting, calling and live streaming facility, location based websites, hotel management websites as well as other services that …

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Graphics Design

Graphic design is an archaic craft of projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. It’s a way of conveying information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect and escalates how you communicate with other people. Aesthetically pleasing, professionally designed graphics will cause other persons to form …

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